Random Four On Saturday! The Doxacon Edition

I often start composing my random five posts earlier in the week and aim to post them on Friday because the original link up was Random Five on Friday but often I just don’t get them posted until Saturday.  I confess that today I am composing and posting on a Saturday and I’m short one so it’s Random Four on Saturday in place of Random Five on Friday!

1.  Last week was very exciting. I really wanted to go to Doxacon Seattle but . . . well life is life.  I entered a contest to win a ticket and though I didn’t win, I did get to go.  An unknown to me person donated a ticket for me.  Tickets at the door for *just* Friday night were only $10 so Honeybear and I went together Friday night.  A friend of mine was going on Saturday and I was able to car pool with her.  (Thank you Mimi!!).

2. After the general session on Friday evening, we went out on a patio or deck and had snacks, fellowship, and a mini acoustic session of Geek Music from Pangalaticats. My favorite song was Come Along, Pond! The evening was beautiful. I snapped this picture with my phone and then played with it using PicMonkey.  I love how the sky was showing bits of the sunset with the swirling clouds.

Sunset Sky at Doxaxon 

3. What is Doxacon?  Doxacon is where Faith and Truth meet Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Doxacon Seattle is a spin off or child of Doxacon Prime.  Though it is primarily Orthodox it is open to all Christians and one does not need to be Orthodox to attend. Doxacon provides a means for Christians to come together and discuss the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres in a Christian Context.

4. I realized at Doxacon I really am a GEEK. I surprised myself.  During the second break out session when I was listening to a fabulous presentation called “Time After Time After Time,” I found that I knew nearly every single sci-fi reference.  Firefly, Stargate, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and more.  I really enjoyed the first break out session as well as “The Cross is a Time Machine and Its Bigger on the Inside.”  I picked it solely based on the title and then found out that the presenter was an online friend I very much respect. How cool is that?!

Random Four on Saturday ~ The Doxaxon Edition at Circling Through This Life


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