It’s the Last Friday in August ~ Random Five on Friday

Monday is August 31st which means that today, August 28th is the LAST Friday of the month. This is only the second Random Five post that I’ve done this month.  It’s been a busy summer.

1.  August is birthday month here.  When I did other Random Five post I mentioned that the twins turned 18.  I didn’t share pictures so here’s a pic!  Honeybear also celebrates his birthday in August. We joke that the twins were his birthday present. No pics of him or his celebration but we did indulge in a rich chocolate fudge cake to celebrate.

Supergirl celebrates 18!

Turtlegirl celebrates 18

2. Turtlegirl and Tailorbear had the opportunity to go camping with our parish. They had the opportunity to use a real, large, professional quality telescope set up by some astronomy students. They also got got to go hiking. Maybe next year the rest of the family will be able to join them! Turtlegirl took this photo to share with me while she was hiking up the mountain.

Way Up On The Mountain

3.  The garden really just didn’t go well this summer.  We’ve had drought conditions and unusually hot weather. We did get some lemon cucumbers and some peas and some green beans but the quantity and quality was just not there. Onions and carrots did not survive and the tomatoes are just weird.  We might get a spaghetti squash or two.  Though we haven’t enjoyed the fruits of Honeybear’s labor, he does enjoy gardening as a hobby so at least he got enjoyment from his labor if not vegetables.

4.  We “officially” started school this week but but but we didn’t quite do our first day traditions and sadly I did not get any photos.  I did pass out some new supplies.

5. And the most exciting thing that has happened this week?  Well it deserves its own blog post but I’ll give a hint.  It involves books and Supergirl.


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