Let’s Talk about Search Reward Programs!

A few days ago in my Random Five on Friday I mentioned two reward programs that I use. Today I wanted to talk a little bit more about Swagbucks because it has a referral program with a nice incentive going on RIGHT NOW.  Ok reading the link from Swagbucks the incentive is more for me but you’ll benefit, too!  If you sign up and earn 300 Swagbucks before the end of August we’ll both get 300 Swagbucks.  I don’t know if that is an additional 300 or just the 300 you earned but it is worth it!

You can earn free gift cards from Swagbucks ~ Tess tells you some of her favorite ways to earn!


Let’s start with Swagbucks. What is Swagbucks? Good question!  It’s a website and a program that provides points or swagbucks for “doing the things you are already doing online.”  These Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards or other rewards in the Rewards Store.  Generally 100 SB = $1 and you can get a $3 gift card for 300 Swagbucks. I’ve been saving up my SB though, for the $25 gift cards!  The first one is only 2200 SB making it a slightly better deal than the $3 or $5 denominations.

So how do you earn these Swagbucks?  Well you can earn Swagbucks in a number of different ways. I’m just going to tell you about the ways I have been earning this past week.

Ways to Earn

  • Searches ~  I have Swagbucks set to be the default search engine for all my browsers on my laptop.  I use it when I am actually searching for something like “nearest place to recycle glass” as well as using the search to grab the link for my Gmail or Facebook instead of clicking on the bookmark. I’ve been getting rewarded at least once a day and getting 12-15 SB for one search.
  • Swagcodes ~ These are usually for 2-4 SB and happen anywhere from once a day to several times a day.  I have the mobile app on my phone, I have liked the FB page, and I have the Swagbutton.  If there is a code available, I will get a notification.  The notification doesn’t tell me the code but it will tell me where to find it and then I grab the code and paste it in. This is, for me, an unreliable way to earn SB as these are time sensitive and I often miss them.
  • InBox Offers ~ 99% of these I just delete but you may find some that you are like.  I do try to look for the ones that will earn 2sb for something easy like letting a video play or viewing a slideshow for at least 5 slides. I get one or two of those a day. I haven’t tracked it though.  Those are also time sensitive.
  • nGage ~  This is Watch and Earn but it is also “Discovering New Content”  You watch a series of video usually in 10 Steps and earn 2sb.  Each clip is between 15 and 35 seconds.  Most of the ones I have seen are 20 seconds. This is how I have been earning the majority of my SB during this past week. There are two other activities that are earn 2SB and work in a similar way.  One is a picture of a guy with a laptop (Laptop Guy) and one is a group of people and the center person is a female wearing a black tank top (TankTopGirl).  This morning I earned 40 SB “discovering new content” with LaptopGuy.  I haven’t seen TankTopGirl for several days but DesktopGal (nGage) is a regular feature.

Other Ways to Earn

  • Bonus Swagbucks ~ meet your daily goal and at the end of the month, get a bonus of 3-5 Swagbucks for each day that you met your goal.  There are bonuses for streaks: 7, 14, 21 or 31 days!  You can earn over 600SB each month just by meeting a daily goal.  Meet your daily goal and you’ll be offered a total goal.  If you meet that goal you’ll earn more bonus points. These goals vary from person to person and from day to day. I have found that the daily bonus depends on the daily goal.
  • Watch and Earn ~ SB has an app you can download, SBTV, to earn Swagbucks for watching videos.  I’ve only just started exploring this option. 
  • Daily To Do List ~ including answering a daily poll and viewing special offers
  • And more! 

Interested in checking it out?  This Swagbucks link will take you to the website where you can sign up using my referral code.  Right now through the month of August if you sign up and earn 300 Swagbucks before the end of August we both get 300 Swagbucks. 


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