Random Five September 25 Edition (on September 26)

I know.  Last week I posted on Saturday.  That was not planned.  This week however it is planned because I wanted to post my USAopoly Review on Friday.  Did you see it? Fun games for the whole family.  This has been a busy week!

1.  Sunday was the post feast of the Elevation of the Venerable and Life-Giving Cross.  I love this service. Maybe I love it because it’s the very first Orthodox Service that I ever attended.  This is from the vespers service:

As the Cross is lifted up, it urges all of creation to praise the immaculate Passion of the One Who was lifted up thereon. For by means of the Cross, He slew him that slew us; and He made the dead to live again, making them beautiful, granting them the Heavens as dwelling-place, because He is compassionate, in the unsurpassed and unspeakable excess of His goodness. With joy, then, let us all exalt His Name, while magnifying His infinite condescension toward our race.

2.  Boobear dyed her hair with henna. We called it Weasley hair as she definitely would have fit into the Weasley family with this carrot top look. Over the course of several days the orange color deepened to a beautiful shade of red. She explained that the color deepens and changes because the henna was still oxidizing. She also dyed my hair with henna. The gray in my hair was a carrot orange and the rest was a lovely auburn. I wasn’t too happy with the streaks of orange but decided they were better than gray.  After a few days those have turned more red and look like highlights.  I love it now! Red and not gray!

3.  I took Turtlegirl to her first concert. Well she came with me to a concert I wanted to go to:  Duran Duran. We went with some friends of mine. (sigh, just typing that puts Friends of Mine running through my head.) This is the second time that I have seen them in concert the day before my birthday. Seeing Duran Duran in concert with my newly henna’d hair made me almost forgot that I was an old married woman with adult children. I screamed just as much, if not more than, I did at the concert I saw when I was 21. I had so much fun singing, dancing, and yes, screaming with my friends and Turtlegirl!


4.  My birthday was this week. (um you couldn’t tell right?) Instead of a traditional birthday cake we had Birthday Cheesecake!

Birthday Cheesecake

5.  I am entering a new chapter or season in my life. I want to talk about that separately later.  Just say things are changing around here and life is getting more crazy!


  1. Happy birthday! !!!
    It was so fun to see Duran Duran with you and Turtlegirl <3


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