Random Five on Friday ~ October 23rd

I feel like I haven’t done one of these in a really long time! I’ve been so crazy busy with the Crew and home schooling and well life really.

1. I’ve really been enjoying getting one book a month from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library but I’ve been so crazy that I still haven’t finished the book I checked out in September. According to my Kindle Fire I am about 50% of the way through the book. I’m reading Immortal Plague by Aiden James.  It’s very interesting but even though I am half way through it I still haven’t decided how I feel about it. I think I might have to blog about it when I finish it.

Random 5 October 23rd  at circling Through This Life

2. Speaking of books I also started re-reading the Harry Potter series. Having read through them all once and seen the movies several times it is really different reading them again knowing how the whole thing turns out. I’m still on book one, The Sorcerer's Stone. I’m enjoying all the little things in the book that never made it into the movie. I think my reading goal for 2016 will be to finish the series. Maybe I’ll start the New Year with book three but the way things are looking I’ll be finishing up book one in November and still working through book two when the new year begins.

3. I have only three reviews left to post for the 2015 Crew. You will want to be watching for them because we are loving our stuff from IEW, Maestro Classics, and Critical Thinking, Co.  Supergirl has listened been listening to the Nutcracker almost everyday and begging to play games from the Teaching with Games resource. Tailorbear and I have been having some fun conversations inspired by her work with Practical Critical Thinking.

4. I love fall colors. I also love the crispness in the air when fall arrives. I don’t like the rain. I don’t like the gray but the cooler days that make me think of warm drinks and apples and cinnamon and the pretty colors of the trees interspersed with the evergreens just makes me all happy inside.

5. You know how sometimes you get a song stuck in your head? Well being an Eastern Orthodox Christian I often get prayers stuck in my head. Many of our prayers are chanted or sung. Sometimes I get parts of the Divine Liturgy running through my head. Those are beautiful moments. But yesterday I had The Great Doxology running through my head when I woke up in the night.  That was fine. It was beautiful. I ended up finding in the prayer book and praying it.  I went back to bed fell asleep and work up with “Smelly Cat” , Phoebe’s song from Friends. Um that was just a bit disconcerting to go from Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world to  It’s not your fault!  Hmm, those really don’t go together.


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