My Love Affair with Coconut Oil

This week’s letter is C.  Join me as I join Cristi and Meg and I blog about My Love Affair with Coconut Oil.

Many years ago a friend of mine introduced me to coconut oil. I confess I was not keen on it. I am not fond of coconut flavored anything so why on earth would I want to use coconut oil!!!???  Now of course coconut oil is all the rage.  And for good reason. I’m not going to extol the virtues of coconut oil but instead I am going to share a few of the ways we use coconut oil and how I’ve gone from a “seriously? coconut oil?”  to a “Yes, seriously, coconut oil. Try it!” perspective.

I love Coconut Oi. It has so many uses!

  • Coconut Oil is a great substitute for butter. Yes, for me it took some getting used to but coconut oil as a butter substitute is a hit here. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels are quite yummy during Orthodox Christian fasting seasons such as Advent and Great Lent and my girls love them spread with coconut oil. No, I confess coconut oil as a spread is not as yummy as cream cheese on a bagel but it works. Turtle says she loves toast with coconut oil and peanut butter.  It is her go-to breakfast during the fasting seasons.
  • Coconut Oil is solid at room temperature. This makes it an ideal substitute for that nasty hydrogenated shortening.  Tailorbear uses a 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 butter with her cookies to achieve a great texture with a buttery taste. BooBear makes these awesome chocolate chocolate chip cookies with just coconut oil and they have a great texture like you would get from using shortening and they have just a hint of coconut flavor. I am NOT a fan of coconut.  Coconut anything makes me want to run but these cookies? The coconut oil adds something that I can’t describe but makes them extra yummy and doesn’t make me want to run away. Cookies do not taste right anymore if they are not made with coconut oil!
  • Coconut is a wonderful moisturizer for your hair! When I was young, I would get those Vo5 hot oil packets to do a hot oil treatment on my hair.  Tailorbear has been using coconut oil as a conditioner/oil treatment for her hair for a couple of years.  I’ve recently started using coconut oil as treatment oil for my hair.  Boobear slathered up my hair and her own and we sat around in our grubby clothes and let that oil rich oil soak into our hair.  We’ve decided we should do this once a month.  The only problem?  I kept thinking I smelled like a cookie and I started craving those chocolate chocolate chip cookies. 
  • Coconut Oil is naturally anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacteria. It’s a boost your immune system. I combine extra virgin olive oil, fresh chopped garlic, and unrefined organic coconut oil and we use this when we have a cold. It makes an excellent spread for French bread or you can spread it like vapor rub.  Sounds gross but try rubbing it on your feet and putting on socks. I don’t know how it works but it sure helps Supergirl when she is fighting a cold virus.

What are some of the ways that you love to use coconut oil?  Share your favorite way to use coconut oil in the comments!


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  1. Coconut oil gets used a lot here! Coconut is one of the few foods Celia and Damien tolerate, so it's become our go-to oil for most cooking and for baking. (Because even though pork is a safe-for-their-allergies food, lard in cookies is just ick.)

  2. I use coconut oil for face wash, melt on popcorn, use it for helping to naturally whiten teeth. :)

  3. I use it on my hair as a styling product every day, although I think I slightly smell like a coconut cream pie :)

  4. I've gotten to using it in cooking a lot in the last year. I don't know that I have really noticed any differences, but I like the idea that it is a bit better for us.

    Just stopping by to say hi. I'm hoping to be more social with my fellow TOS bloggers this year.


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