My Thoughts about Immortal Plague by Aiden James

Since taking on more responsibilities with the Crew, my reading has slowed down. Oh I've still been reading just more blogs and less books but I've been reading at least a few pages every day from at least one book on my currently reading list. Since I just finished reading this book this morning, I decided I needed to blog about it while it was fresh in my mind.

So what book did I just finish?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  It's the first book in a series.  There are seven books listed for this series. What is the series? Oh that would help wouldn't it? It's by Aiden James: The Judas Chronicles.  Yes, it's about that Judas. The one from the Bible who betrayed the Lord for 30 pieces of silver.  I just finished reading Immortal Plague and I was relieved to discover that book two Immortal Reign (formally called Reign of Coins) is available as part of the Kindle Owner's Library.

Tess shares her thoughts about Immotal Plague by Aiden James ~ Circling Though This Life

This is not a Christian Fiction novel.  The theology is wrong and yet there are kernels of truth hidden here and there. What if Judas was condemned not to die but to walk the world for eternity? It reminds me of Captain Jack Harkness.  Feels pain, dies, but comes back to life and when sick or injured his body regenerates like new? Not regenerates like the Doctor but like Captain Jack. I do like how it acknowledges the Bible and I like the premise that Judas must gather up the 30 coins and that he is doing so to seek reconciliation with the Lord.  It's entertaining and yet I also found it thought provoking.  One sentence caused me to stop and examine beliefs.  "I won't forget the look of terror on his face." Judas, aka William Barrows, remembers the crucifixion of Christ. The look of terror on Christ's face?  Is that possible? But he's God!  He knew He was going to die. It was part of the plan. So how could the God incarnate be terrified?  And that my friends is what caused me to ponder my beliefs.  Do I not believe that Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully human?  Does not incarnation mean God as human?  Not in human form but truly human in every sense?  If I truly believe what I profess to believe as an Orthodox Christian that means I believe that Jesus Christ is fully human and fully divine.  That means he could have felt terror because terror is a human emotion. 

I like reading books that cause me to pause and think. I like books that make me take apart my beliefs and examine them. So I'll read book 2.  Maybe I'll decide to not bother with the rest of the books but I'll give book 2 a try.


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