D is for Daughters: My Daughters

I missed the letter D (and E and F but those will post!) in the Blogging Through the Alphabet link up hosted by Cristi and Meg. Daughters.  That starts with D and I have four of them.

I am biased because I am their mother but I have four amazing, wonderful, and beautiful daughters. Each one different from the other but all special to me. Talented in different ways but each possessing something that sets them apart.

Each one is so different in personality from her sisters that it can be so hard to believe that they are all related. I see so much of me and at the same time so much of my husband in each of them. Sometimes, I joke that each of them inherited all of my traits and all of her father’s bad traits.

Each of my daughters have the ability to make me smile, to make me laugh and to make my heart swell to bursting with pride.

Sometimes I look at them and I see the little girls they were and then I blink and I realized that they aren’t little anymore. I still hurt when they hurt. I imagine I always will. I still want to fix everything and make everything alright and sometimes it is harder than I ever thought it would be to sit back and let them make their own choices and watch them fall down. But the joy that comes from watching them get back up again? No words to describe that.

I don’t know if daughters are more difficult to raise than sons. I have no little boys to raise but I do know that this parenting gig is the hardest thing I’ve ever done but oh the rewards of seeing these young women growing up makes it all worthwhile!

My Four Daughters on St. Nicholas Day: D is for Daughters

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