An Alphabetical Collection: E, F, G

I am seriously behind in blogging. Where oh where did the time go?  Yes, I set blogging aside just before the Holidays. It didn't start out intentional. I still have several drafts of posts that I intended to polish and publish. Maybe they'll see the light of day someday.

I thought I would do something easy like a Random Five since I am typing this on Friday but I think instead I'm going to stick with the letter theme.  I made it through the letter D so here I'll pick up E, F, and G. Maybe I'll get through all the letters at some point.

E.   Electricity ~ Electricity is something that I take for granted. We rarely lose power and when we do it is often only out for an hour or less. We've had some longer stretches and, in December during the darkest weeks, we lost power for over 6 hours. In the big picture that isn't a long time but it felt like eternity (see another E word!) when I realized how completely dependent we are on electricity.  We couldn't do school because so much of our school relies on the Internet. We managed though and it fostered gratitude in all of us when it was restored!

F.   Family Fun ~ I had planned to write about the fun we have as a family while playing games, but as I write this I am smiling as I think of the fun we often have just being together and laughing.  Shared jokes and lots of giggles.  Memory making moments filled with love and laughter and FUN!  The other night Supergirl had a huge case of the giggles. It was infectious. She was being silly and we all enjoyed her laughter and we had fun as a family.

G is for GRACE @ Circling Through This LIfe

G.  Grace ~ Grace is a word with multiple meanings. It's also a name.  I was an adult before I learned that my grandmother's first name was Gracie. No, it's not because I thought it was Grandma; it's just that everyone called her by her middle name. At some point the Gracie part dropped off.  I gave one of my daughters the middle name of Grace. Yes, I named her after my grandmother but I also chose the name because grace, from a Western Christian perspective, means unmerited gift. She is a gift from God. I am also reminded of the definition that speaks of charm, beauty, or elegance. Of course my daughter is all those things.  Six years ago I added "God's uncreated energies" to my list of definitions for Grace. That is the Eastern Orthodox understanding of God's Grace.  What do you think of when you hear "grace?"


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