Lovely Lazy Mornings

I'm a morning person.  Not an early morning, up before dawn, type of morning person but a woman who likes to get up and get going. Mentally I function better in the morning. I have more motivation and I accomplish more between 7am and NOON than any other 5 hour period of the day.

But every now and again, I enjoy a lazy morning. Rather than fight with my family to get them to function on my circadian rhythm I just lay around in bed.

Lovely Lazy Mornings ~ Circling Through This LIfe

But, wait, I don't lay around in bed tossing and turning.  I have my Kindle.  Just like with my Late Night Reading, I sometimes have Lazy Morning Play on Kindle.

Since the Kindle Fire I have is like a tablet, I can do things like check the Schoolhouse Review Crew forum, or my personal and blog emails.  I can scroll through my facebook feed. I've been known to play Minion Rush and The Secret Society (a hidden object mystery game).

Sometimes though, on some lazy mornings, I spend time chatting with my husband.  We lay there still snuggled in covers and talk about our plans for the day or things that have been on our minds.  What we don't do is talk business.  We don't talk about our to do list or the bills or whatever issues need tending to with children. 

Rarely, we'll stay in bed late enough that one or two or more of our sleepy head children will come and seek us out.  Those times are getting rarer now that they are 20, 18, and soon to be 17.  But I cherish the memories of 4 or 5 or even all 6 of us crowding the bed on a Saturday morning just enjoying being together.

Now that I am a work at home mom, I treasure those mornings, especially on a Saturday, that I can move slower and take time to create special moments. 


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