5 Random Things This Week April 15th

If I want my 5 Things on Friday to actually post on a Friday, maybe, just maybe I should write them on Thursday bwhahahah.  Seriously, it's the end of the weekend.  So how about we go with  5 Things This Week?  Yes.  Yes I think that works better.  So 5 Things This Week and it will post sometime Thursday- Sunday.  Sound good?  Good.  Let's get to it then:

1.  3 years ago I was scrambling to help Boobear with college decisions and high school graduation plans.  Now it is Turtlegirl's time!  She'll be graduating from high school this June and in the fall, she plans to become a Cougar.  So I'll have a Black and Gold Lute and a Red and White Cougar.

Turtlegirl made her choice for college!

2.  One of the reasons graduation is heavy on my mind this week is that I posted a review of HomeschoolDiploma.com.  These are high quality professional documents!  We ordered a cap and gown as well as a Diploma for Turtlegirl.  We also ordered a back dated diploma for Boobear.  I am already thinking ahead to next year when Tailorbear will graduate.  I'm certain she'll want a "real" diploma too!

Read my review of HomeschoolDiploma.com at Circling Through This LIfe

3.  I love April and May in th Pacific Northwest!  These are the months full of new life, gorgeous sunshine, and nearly perfect days.  Highs in the low 70's.  Gentle breezes.  And blooming bushes!

It's Spring in the Pacifc Northwest!

4.  I love soup.  My husband? Not so much.  I think I might have thrown together a soup that he will actually enjoy!  I'm calling it Tomato Curry Soup.  It's a good one for Lent as it can be made vegan.  I'm thinking it could be a Wednesday night thing when it's not Great Lent.  Recipe?  Maybe I'll get around to posting it after I tweak it a bit and get some photos.

5. I work with a team of amazing ladies who inspire and encourage me.  I believe that God has brought the 5 of us together for more than just leading the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  He's brought us together to help of us grow.  I might have to write a blog post to introduce each of them but for now you can click on the Crew Leadership page of the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog. Go visit their blogs!  They are incredible women!


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