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 {This review made possible by Forbrain -  Sound For Life LTD and the Schoolhouse Review Crew}

When I found out that the Crew would be reviewing a bone conduction headset from Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd I was more than just a little curious.

Having worked with a neurodevelopmentalist and speech therapists with Supergirl, I am familiar with the importance of audio memory to brain organization and optimal function.  Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd states that this device can improve memory, attention, and speech.  The more I looked over the website the more convinced I was that Tailorbear and Turtlegirl would benefit just as much as Supergirl.

Reading aloud with Forbrain can increase memory, focus, and concentration!

Forbrain is a device that maximizes the natural audio-vocal loop that every person uses to analyze, assimilate, perceive and adjust information received and produced through sound.  For details on this loop and how Forbrain works check out these links: The Auditory Process, and Forbrain's Audio Technology.

Tailorbear was my primary focus during the review period. She wears the device for approximately 20 minutes a day. We aim for 5 days a week. Sometimes she stands. Sometimes she sits.  Sometimes she walks around. Most of the time she reads aloud from her novel for her literature study. Sometimes I hear her singing.

She shared with me that when she uses Forbrain she is better able to focus and concentrate.  Turtlegirl and I both noticed that Tailorbear's singing has improved. Though she has a lovely singing voice she doesn't always stay in the right key.  Now she is much more likely to stay on key.

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She stopped using Forbrain for a week and I noticed that she did not get as much school done.  She was more prone to be distracted and failed to stay on task.  I am making Forbrain a requirement for every school day for her because it helps her.

Turtlegirl ran into some difficulties with using Forbrain. She is prone to migraines and after using Forbrain for a few minutes she does begin to get a headache.  She uses it for a much shorter period of time and only once or twice a week.  Even without using it for the prescribed amount of time she noticed some positive changes.  Here's what she had to say about her experience:
 Even after the first time I used Forbrain, I noticed an increase in my ability to focus. It was a little weird how after I took off the headphones, everything sounded different, but I'm not sure what that means. I have noticed a positive difference after using Forbrain. I am more aware of the way my voice sounds when I talk. (Example: I can hear that I'm kinda monotone and don't emote well with my voice.) And when I hum, I can actually hear when I go off tune. I'm no longer as tone deaf as I used to be.

Forbrain is easy to use! One suggesion is to read or sing poetry aloud.

I recently started using it with Supergirl. Since she cannot do it independently the way her sisters can, I needed to make sure I committed to working with her.  Supergirl has DiGeorge Syndrome.  She also has brain injury from in utero strokes. DiGeorge affects many different areas including speech. I knew that I wanted to use to Forbrain with Supergirl because she is a "poster child" of sorts for the type of therapy this device can provide.

She is developmentally much younger than her chronological age so I have her working for 10 minutes a day rather than the 20 that a typical 18 year old would do.  Currently we are using Forbrain while we do our Poetry Memorization.  She recites the poems she has memorized already and then we work together on memorizing the current poem.  I will say a line and she repeats it.  I will often repeat words that I knew she struggles with so that she can practice them with the device.  Certain sounds are nearly impossible for her but my hope is that by using Forbrain her speech will be come more clear.

I plan to begin using Forbrain with her during her phonics lessons with Logic of English.  We will be working with phonemes and phonograms and I think she'll be able to improve her speech patterns while improving her reading fluency.

Forbrain is an asset that I think every speech pathologist and speech therapist should have access to.  I see this tool as being a way to continue to work on brain/neurological development and improvement with Samantha.  I also see this helping Tailorbear to improve her focus and concentration which will help her with studying for her senior year and preparing for post high school education.

I am very impressed with this device and the improvement I see in my daughters.

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