Some Random Thoughts about Our Summer {So Far}

When I think of summer I think of June, July, and August  Here we are nearly half way through August and I'm sitting here wondering why 2/3 of summer is gone.

Our Summer so far! Where did it go?

This has not been like the summers we've enjoyed in the past.  We've not had many sunny beautiful days though we've had a few perfect days where it is not too hot.  We've had only a couple of days where it was truly hot.  I'm not really complaining though.  I don't do well with the heat any more.

So here are some Random Thoughts or Random Things that have happened.

1.  Turtlegirl graduated from High School.  I did actually manage to write about our second high school graduation.

2.  BooBear turned 21.  I now have a daughter old enough to drink. We went to Red Robin for her birthday and she ordered a Raspberry Margarita.  Grandma and I had Skinny Margaritas. I had mine on the rocks.

3.  Technically in Spring (so in early May) we had to replace the transmission in our van.  We prayed and debated and debated and prayed and in the end decided to go with a rebuilt transmission rather than try to purchase a new vehicle.

4.  We've purchased a set of 4 new tires for the van and replaced a set of brakes.  I am pretty sure this is the summer of Van repairs.

5.  Turtlegirl has attended her required orientation.  It's getting REAL!  She's all registered for her fall semester classes.  She's been getting to know her suitemates through Facebook and Texting. We've started collecting things like bedding, linens, and dishes.  My baby is moving in a week!

A couple of other BIG things have happened but I want to blog about them separately.

This summer isn't turning out the way I wanted or planned and it is zipping along WAY TOO FAST but that's life right?  And we just need to pause every now and again and savor the moments when we can. 


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