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Internet Accountabilty from Accountable2You {Review}

Today I want to tell you about a program that I wish I had years ago when my girls were just entering their teenage years.  As they began to be more independent with their school work and using the computer , I would have loved a program that created an atmosphere of building trust. Something that wouldn't necessary restrict their internet use so much that they felt constrained or couldn't do what they needed but one in which they knew mom would know what they've been viewing. Something that I could use to teach them responsibility for their actions and keep them accountable. Through the Homeschool Review Crew I have found that program.   Accountable2You is an internet accountability software application that you can install on your computer, iPad, KindleFire, or smart phone.  They offer 4 different plans: Individual Plan , Family Plan , Group Plan , and even a Small Business Plan . I chose the Family Plan. This program provides accountability but does not fil

Elementary Spanish from Middlebury Interactive Languages ~ a Crew Review

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you might remember that Turtlegirl had the opportunity to use and review Middlebury Interactive Languages in the past.  She studied the 1st semester of High School French 1 during in her junior year and then we had the opportunity to take semester 2 in her senior year. Supergirl was a tiny bit jealous. She wanted her own online interactive course like her twin. This time around she got have her own course. But she didn't want French. If you know her, you know what her favorite language is! It should be no surprise that she picked Elementary Spanish 1 grades K-2 . Unlike the Middle School and High School courses which are sold as Semester 1, Semester 2, or Both, this level of Spanish is only available under the Both option and includes the full year of course work. Like the Middle School and High School courses Middlebury Interactive Languages offers options for With Teacher Support and Without Teacher Support.  Homeschool Review

My life is so much richer because of the Homeschool Review Crew!

Once upon a time I was part of two "sister" email groups for home schooling. One of my friends from the group discovered this brand new "thing".  It was a group of bloggers who used homeschool curriculum and wrote reviews. That friend convinced another friend to join.  The 2nd friend talked to me all the time about the Crew.  She'd tell me about all these great products she got to try.  Not just home school products either but products for her! I let her talk me into joining the crew.  Best thing I ever did! So in June 2010 I became a crew member. I loved being part of the crew so much that I reapplied every single year since then.  Until fall of 2015 when I stepped up to be a Crew Leader! Why do I love the crew so much?   I would not have been able to give my children the depth and breadth of an education without the crew.  Computer Programing.  Logic.  Art.  Music.  Even Physical Fitness and Health.  How about an Animation Kit?  an Online Filmmakers Co

Freezer Cooking Made Easy with MyFreezEasy! {Review}

I love to cook. I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen. But sometimes I am too tired and lately my family has been too busy. We were eating take out and frozen pizza way too often.  Many evenings I am just too worn out to stand and chop onions or brown hamburger even to make something as simple as sloppy joes or tacos. Just when I was reaching the breaking point wondering if I would ever serve my family a real home cooked dinner again, the Homeschool Review Crew had the opportunity to review MyFreezEasy .  Erin Chase rescued my family from fast food and frozen pizza with her Family Meal Plan Subscription . I had heard of Erin Chase before. I'd even seen mention of something about $5 Dinners but really didn't know anything about her or what she offers.  MyFreezEasy is her newest offering and I am in love! One complaint that I hear frequently about making meals ahead and freezing them is that the food often tastes overcooked. It's like eating reh

Five Minute Friday ~ Mail

I am trying something brand new!  A friend of mine from the Homeschool Review Crew participates in a link up called Five Minute Friday.   The link up isn't new at all but it is fairly new to me and I've never joined in before.  The idea is that you write for minutes about a one word prompt.  This week's word is Mail!  Go! When I think of "mail" I suddenly hear Steve's voice singing "Mail Time!" I don't remember the words exactly and I'm refusing to go find it on Youtube. In this world of technology when almost everything is digital it is even more exciting to get a piece of real mail. I don't remember the last time I got a letter in the mail. I mean I got birthday cards for my birthday but a letter?  I don't know. These days "Mail Time" means packages. Around here it's usually a box from Amazon or another vendor with a review product for the Homeschool Review Crew. I love getting packages. The girls would g

Turtlegirl Morphs into a Cougar

Well actually she became a freshman Coug!  This post is almost 2 months overdue so you'll just have to pretend that it is still mid-August and she just left . . . instead of the reality that is is early October and her mid-terms will be happening soon! This is more of a photo essay: Tailorbear needed to be distracted the weekend we were leaving and she didn't want to be home with her two sisters.  I love this picture of  two sisters saying good-bye! All loaded up and ready to go! I know it doesn't look like much.  She packed the bare minimum that she thought she needed.  Turns out she was too minimalistic though.  We had to send a HUGE box of forgotten items later. (And no she didn't need the toilet paper so we ended up bringing that back home with us!) Here she is keeping comfortable on the long long drive! On Move-In Day the University has volunteers with carts to help unload your vehicle. We were grateful for the cart and the elevator.  She lives