Turtlegirl Morphs into a Cougar

Well actually she became a freshman Coug!  This post is almost 2 months overdue so you'll just have to pretend that it is still mid-August and she just left . . . instead of the reality that is is early October and her mid-terms will be happening soon!

This is more of a photo essay:

Tailorbear needed to be distracted the weekend we were leaving and she didn't want to be home with her two sisters.  I love this picture of  two sisters saying good-bye!

Two Sisters Saying Goodbye

All loaded up and ready to go!

All Loaded Up and Ready to Go!

I know it doesn't look like much.  She packed the bare minimum that she thought she needed.  Turns out she was too minimalistic though.  We had to send a HUGE box of forgotten items later. (And no she didn't need the toilet paper so we ended up bringing that back home with us!)

Here she is keeping comfortable on the long long drive!

Keeping comfortable on the long long drive across the state!

On Move-In Day the University has volunteers with carts to help unload your vehicle. We were grateful for the cart and the elevator.  She lives on the 3rd floor!

We've carted up her stuff from the van to her room.

We left her to deal with her own things and headed to our motel room.  We had dinner and breakfast with her and I got to take more pictures.  Here she is standing outside one of the doors to her Residence Hall.

She is at the door of her new home!

It really is a beautiful building though we only saw it from one side and the back.

Turlegirl and her Dad standing on balcony outside her Hall.

She unpacked her things and started turning her room into her home away from home!

She unplacked her things and started making her room into home away from home

Yes her room itself is tiny but it is part of a suite.  There are 7 girls who share the suite.  The suite includes a kitchenette area with sink, microwave and space for a mini-fridge. There is a also a living room.  Each suite has their own bathroom. Other residence halls are much more of the typical dorm room style.  

She's made the transition well.  She loves her classes, studies a lot and made friends.  She may be a Coug now but she'll always be my little Turtlegirl!


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