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While I have always considered myself more of an eclectic style homeschooler I do have some classical leanings such as teaching Latin.  There are many benefits to teaching Latin but rather than discuss that I want to tell you about Memoria Press and their Latin programs.  Well, specifically I want to chat about the Third Form Latin Complete Set.

Third Form Latin from Memoria Press #hsreviews

I have to begin at the beginning though.  Many many years ago we started with Memoria Press's Latina Christiana Complete Set which by the way has been completely revised including new DVD lessons.  We still laugh at Honeybear's joke about amo. We'd be practicing our recitation amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant and Honeybear would interject you have a ma moose, but what about the pa moose?

A few years later we had the opportunity to review First Form Latin and we were hooked!  We loved First Form so much that I purchased Second Form Latin.  Turtlegirl was thrilled to find out that we now own Third Form and Fourth Form!

Cheryl Lowe, the author of the Form Series who recently passed away, had a passion for Classical Education and teaching Latin.  She co-founded Memoria Press.  In her letter "To the Students and Parents" - Discipulus et Parentibus she writes:

As I have said many times before, mastery is the key to success in Latin.  Students enjoy what they have thoroughly learned. They do not enjoy what they have half-learned and half-understood. The seriousness of this advice becomes more obvious with every lesson. Grammar is added to grammar, and vocabulary is added to vocabulary.  The work of mastery and review must  continue and not let up.

In Third Form Latin, Ms. Lowe continues to build upon the grammar and vocabulary she taught in First and Second Form Latin.

Since Turtlegirl has been using Third Form Latin I've enlisted her help with writing this review. Let's take look at each of the parts included in the complete set.

The Student Workbook

One of the first things Turtlegirl noticed about the student workbook is that it is spiral-bound now. It was not spiral-bound before when she studied First and Second Form. She loves that they changed the binding because it is much easier to work with now.

Third Form Latin Student Workbook Pages #hsreviews

As for the format, there are 7-9 exercises per lesson. These exercises involve practicing grammar, the lesson's Latin saying, vocabulary, several form drills, and translation exercises. If there are derivatives for that lesson, there will be an exercise using those. The exercises are sometimes broken down into Drill A, Drill B, etc. It should also be noted that the pages in the Student Workbook are numbered with the lesson and "Worksheet #". The Worksheet numbers reset for each lesson. However, the different exercises could start on one workbook page and end on the next.

Generally, the lesson starts with grammar, then the Latin saying, then vocabulary, then the form drills, and then translation and derivatives.

The Student Text

The course is divided into 5 (V) units. Each unit has a specific focus. Generally, the unit begins with a review of the grammar and vocabulary learned in the previous Forms that relates to the unit's focus. The unit ends with a review of what was covered in the unit.

Third Form Latin Student Text with Flashcards #hsreviews

Each lesson in the unit has a Latin saying.

Instructional DVDs:

For the lessons, the session begins with a recitation of the conjugations and declensions that the student has learned. Afterward, the instructor goes over the vocabulary for that lesson, saying the Latin first, then the English, and then the Latin again. The grammar for that lesson is discussed.

The Student Materials for Third Form Latin #hsreviews

Pronunciation CD

The Pronunciation CD also serves as a review of all of the vocabulary, since the instructor goes over the Latin pronunciation and the meaning. If a verb has irregular principle parts, the instructor says all of them. There is also a mini-quiz at the end of each track to help the students' comprehension and memory. There is no quiz for Lesson 1 since Lesson 1 did not have any new vocabulary and instead reviewed what was learned in First and Second Form. Lesson 2 is heavy on review but has some new vocabulary.  With Lesson 3 you are off and running with Third Form. The length of the tracks depends on what was covered in the lesson. This means that the track could be as short as two minutes or as long as 12 minutes.

Quizzes and Tests

The quizzes have the same look as the workbook pages with fill in the blanks and fill in the charts.  Generally all the quizzes will have sections on Vocabulary, Conjugate, Decline, Translate, and Grammar. Quizzes are 2 to 3 pages long.

Unit tests are longer ranging from 3 to 5 pages in length. Unit Tests also include sections for Latin Sayings.  A Final Exam is also included.

These are perfect bound and perforated.  We tear them out as needed which makes it easier to write on the pages.

Third Form Latin Teacher Resources from Memora Press #hsreviews

Teacher Manual

If you as a parent are teaching this course the Teacher Manual is invaluable. Even though I rely on the Instructional DVDs to do the teaching, I find the Teacher Manual valuable.  In addition to laying out what you should teach (and sometimes how to teach and what to say!) it has several appendices full of reference material.  The Teacher Manual includes teaching guidelines, which also include a sample lesson plan.

The Student Text pages are embedded in each Lesson.  This is a handy feature as it means you can reference the student pages while preparing to teach the lesson without having to hunt down the Student Text.

The Teacher Manual is also a valuable reference tool for students like Turtlegirl who are working through the program independently.  She can watch the video lesson, read through the student text and then if she is still having a bit of trouble, she can reference the Teacher Manual.   There are nuggets of wisdom such as 
Say each word aloud with its meaning, and have students repeat after you. Begin every day with this oral drill of the week's new vocabulary. These are the hard little words in any language. They require extra attention. (Lesson V page 19 Teacher Manual).
There are no answers to student workbook pages in the Teacher Manual so there is no worry that students will just copy the work. While I am not using Third Form Latin for high school credit, if I were, I would gladly hand my independent student the Teacher Manual to aid them in their studies.  My one complaint though about the Teacher Manual is that it is perfect bound. I wish it was spiral bound. 

But what about the answers to the workbook pages, quizzes and exams?  There is the Teacher Key!

Teacher Key 

The Teacher Key is spiral bound.  It is simply the student workbook pages, quizzes and tests with the answers filled in.  When we were using First Form and Second Form for high school credit these were my lifeline to grading.  I did not have to know any Latin at all.  Even Honeybear did some grading and he had less Latin exposure than I did!

Third Form Latin Teacher Key from Memoria Press #hsreviews

To save space each two page spread of the Teacher Key has 4 student pages.  This does make them a little harder to read but it also makes it so that key is not so huge and unwieldy.

Turtlegirl's Thoughts:

Turtlegirl loves Third Form Latin from Memoria Press! Read the review at #hsreviews

I love Latin. That's no secret. So, of course, I was super happy to work with Third Form since I'd already worked with First and Second Form. I found myself a little rusty, so the review in the first few lessons was very helpful. I love the spiral binding on the workbook. It made my life much easier. I also found the instructional videos very easy to follow. It was nostalgic for me to recite the conjugations again. I recommend Third Form Latin as well as the other forms because it's easy for self-study as well as a formal study environment. 

My Thoughts

I love that the Form series is so complete and thorough.  I think learning Latin is more fun when learning in a group but with the instructional DVDs this program works very well for driven independent learners.   When folks ask me what do I recommend for Latin?  I answer Memoria Press.  Supergirl is loving Prima Latina.  Boobear is refreshing her memory of Latin and I'm learning right along with Supergirl.   If you are just starting high school and just starting Latin, I encourage you try First Form Latin.  You may find yourself like us wanting to continue with Second Form, then Third Form and yes I know we'll be doing Fourth Form as well and my girls are college age and beyond now!

Memoria Press

In addition to the Latin Programs, the Homeschool Review Crew also reviewed The Book of Trees and Nature's Beautiful Order

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