It's Tuesday Mama!

Today like many other weeks Supergirl looked up at me and said "It's Tuesday Mama!  You're supposed to call your mom."  And like many weeks since October she goes on to say "but you can't cause she's gone."

Sometimes I can't tell if she brings it up because she misses my mom?  Maybe she brings it up because it was part of the routine we had.  She very rarely got to talk to Nana on the phone but she was always very excited when I told her that yes I would tell Nana about this or that or the other thing that Supergirl was convinced that Nana needed to know in order for all to be right in the world.

It's been a couple of weeks since she commented on it being a Tuesday and that I call my mom on Tuesdays.  I don't know if is because something made her think of her Nana today.

Sometimes she'll see me crying and she'll say "you miss your mom don't you."  Yes, peanut I do.  A lot.

She continued her conversation with "who will do school with me if you die?"   Huh?  I tried to brush it off.  "Well let's just not have me die ok?"

"but Mama,  I'm just saying what if you do?"

"Well maybe Turlegirl can do school with you then."

"But mama, she's already away doing her own school."

I saved by the bell.  The timer of the microwave dinged and her Pirate Killing Soup was heated through.

We all grieve in different ways and sometimes I forget that my children are grieving too.  It doesn't help that today is the 3 month anniversary of the funeral.  I wonder if she had some type of internal timer.

We all miss her.  The girls miss their Nana.  I miss my Mama.  Memory Eternal Mama.  I love you!

 My Mama with Tailorbear and Supergirl May 2000


  1. Hugs for you today! Many memories and precious moments to be treasured. Your mother was pretty special to you all and I love that Supergirl continues to remember. Hugs and prayers for you. - Lori

  2. Memory Eternal! Hugs to you. Im sorry for this hard time for you. I haven't crossed that bridge yet. I can't even imagine. Prayers and love.

  3. Just had a chance to visit your blog. I am sorry for your loss and will be praying for you and your family. Losing a loved one - especially a parent - is never easy. Prayers.


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