SchoolhouseTeachers.com is on SALE!!

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One of the perks or benefits of being a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew is a Yearly Membership to SchoolhouseTeachers.com. This incredible members only resource is filled with lesson plans from preschool to high school and covering everything from basic core subjects like grammar, spelling and math to history and geography.  You’ll also find electives like foreign language, music (both theory and instrument!), filmmaking and more!

New members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew are currently writing reviews of SchoolhouseTeachers.com.  Since I am not writing a review, I’m just going to drop this link right here so that you can go read *real* reviews of the Yearly Membership.

Read Reviews of SchoolhouseTeachers.com from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

Since I love having a membership to SchoolhouseTeachers.com I just had to take a moment and tell you about this special deal that is happening right now!

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review

My favorite lesson plan sections are the lapbooking and literature units. I recently discovered the Imperial Russia course and I am contemplating how to add that to Turtlegirl’s current studies since she has been studying the Russian language. 

My favorite non lesson plan section are the planners. I blogged about the planners during my 5 Days of Back to Homeschool series this past fall. 

So much good stuff over at SchoolhouseTeachers.com! Check it out! 


Random 5 on Friday ~ December 12th Edition

I’m not sure and I’m too lazy too look it up but I think this is the first edition that I’ve done for month of December.

1.  One of the things I always look forward to in late November/early December is a delivery of a box of citrus fruit from Texas. Every year my husband’s parents order oranges, grapefruits and tangelos from Texas.  These are the *best* I have ever tasted. I’ve already eaten two tangelos today!

Fresh Citrus Fruit from Texas is the Best!

2.  We started making some dietary changes for health reasons in June 2013 when Honeybear had a mild heart attack. Now, we’ve got another unexpected health diagnosis and have to radically change the way we eat. Honeybear got blood drawn for cardiology follow-up and ended up with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. We’ve been watching *my* sugars for quite some time but his diagnosis seemed to come out of nowhere. The doctor joked that now we have his and her glucose meters.

3. We have a lovely but quiet Thanksgiving here with just the six of us. We played the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who edition of Trivial Pursuit. It can be played with just the cards and a special die or it can be played with the original TP game board.  The colors match the more recent original TP board but work just as well with the old one. We gave the girls the Doctor Who Trivia game for Christmas last year. We ordered through Amazon but it was fulfilled and shipped from the U.K.  How cool is that?!

Playing Doctor Who version of Trivial Pursuit on Thanksgiving!

4. We made and canned applesauce last week.  I’m working on a separate blog post about our canning adventures.  Look for it soon!

5. December 6th is Saint Nicholas day. Yes, there really is a Santa Claus, though the American chubby fellow bears little resemblance to the historical Bishop of Myrna. Our church always has a special activities on the first Sunday of December to celebrate the feast day for St. Nick. We gather around to hear the story of the Old Man and his three beautiful daughters who want to marry the handsome young men but have no money for a dowry. After the story, we get a visit from Saint Nicholas. Supergirl loves getting her little package from St. Nicholas.

Supergirl receives a gift from Saint Nicholas


Mama ~ Our God Is a Baby!

Sometimes children say the most profound and beautiful things. This afternoon Supergirl and were hanging out with my kindle.  She was chattering away and I was flipping through recipes.  Suddenly she was quiet.  She looked up at the Nativity Scene and said,  “Jesus is a baby.”  I nodded and replied yes this is the time of year when we remember Jesus as a baby.

She pondered a moment longer and declared “Mama, our God is a baby!”  That stopped me.  I mean it isn’t new information but I had never quite thought about it in that light. Never took the time to think how amazing it is that God was a baby.  Most of the time when we hear “God” we think of God the Father.  Jesus is the Son.  But Supergirl is spot on.  Jesus is God so that means that our God is a baby.

This little chatterbox was not finished yet with wisdom proclamations. She had one more for me today:  “He had to be our Savior.”  

So often I wonder if she understands what she hears at church or the Sunday school lessons or my inconsistent bible lessons and then she has a day like today. She does get it.  It’s a paradox how she gets it on both a very basic and yet profoundly deep level at the same time.  Jesus is God.  Jesus is our Savior.  Jesus is a baby.  God is a baby who came to be our Savior.  So very basic.  So very deep.

And then?  It’s back to life as I know it.  “Mama, can I play Frozen now?”  “No.”  “But, mama, I want to play.”   And later she says “You’re my best Mama, ever!”  Why?  Because I do spelling with her.  She’s a precious reminder of everything good.

Supergirl says some of the most profound things!


5 Random Thankful Thoughts ~ November 21st Edition

Last week I decided to make my Random 5 on Fridays in November to be random thankful thoughts because November is the month for gratitude posts and status updates.

Five Random Thankful Thoughts ~ November 21st  Edition

1.  Earlier this week we had beautiful sunshine. I am grateful for the sunshine! Today as I type this it is cold, gray, and rainy which is much more typical November weather for us.  Living here in the rainy part of the PNW, I’ve come to appreciate the sunshine and not take it for granted like I did in other places I’ve lived.

2.  This week on November 19th, Honeybear and I had our 20th Wedding Anniversary. I am grateful that we have made it this far. We’ve had more than our fair share of stress, problems, and disagreements. We’ve weathered military deployments, a child with serious health issues, and his heart attack in June of 2013. Somehow we’ve managed to stay together.

3.  I am thankful for flowers! Our wedding flowers were Fire And Ice Roses which are bi-color red and white roses. When Honeybear buys me flowers he always tries to get bi-color or two-tone roses in remembrance of our wedding flowers. This picture doesn’t show it well but these roses are two-toned.

Anniversary Roses ~ 20 Years

4.  I am thankful for my daughters who took it upon themselves to decorate for our anniversary. They wanted to make it special. Turtlegirl drew a Happy Anniversary Message on our white board using fall colors. The colors didn’t turn out so well in the photo but I am sharing anyway because I love the bride and groom on top of the wedding cake.  Tailorbear put up cranberry streamers and set up our little dinner table for two.  Burgundy, Wine or Cranberry were the colors we aimed for with the wedding.

Happy Anniversary Message

Romantic Dinner for Two

5.  This week marked the 12th anniversary of my dad’s passing. I am grateful that he and I had a much better relationship the last few years of his life than we did when I was growing up. It’s like he was two different men. I miss him very much especially around the holidays. 

The Pebble Pond

Come join us over at the Pebble Pond for this week’s Edition of Random 5 on Friday!


The Official 2014 Schoolhouse Review Crew Favorites

It’s official. The 2014 Schoolhouse Review Crew Year has ended. I’m sad to see the year end but I’m going to enjoy a little break. I’m excited though because I’ve been invited back to the Crew for 2015!

Announcing a Few of the 2014 Crew Favorites:  Blue Ribbon Awards

End of the crew year means Blue Ribbon Awards. Last week I shared my family’s favorite products and vendors from the 2014 Crew Year. Today I’m highlighting some of the Schoolhouse Review Crew Favorites. The votes were tallied and these are some of the official winners! You’ll want to visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog to see the full list of winners because I am just going to highlight a few of them here.

Our wonderful Assistant Director, Debra, put the voting form together for the crew to fill out. She organized all the vendors into 27 different categories! Did you know that the crew reviewed more than 115 products from over 50 vendors!  I think there were something like 58 different review slots. That’s a lot of awesome products. I counted up my reviews  the girls and I used and reviewed: 31.  Some were just for mom like the Motivated Moms e-planner and the Trident case that I am still using with Kindle. Some were just for Supergirl like Digital Heroes and Heroines of the past: American History.  Tailorbear discovered that she loved learning science with Fascinating Biology and Turtlegirl finally got to study French with Middlebury Interactive Languages. We had a little something for everyone!

So now to a sampling of the Schoolhouse Review Crew Favorites! Note: links to products are either to my review or to the page where you can find schoolhouse crew reviews if my family did not review that vendor.

Favorite Language Arts Curriculum: Moving Beyond the Page

Favorite History Program: Veritas Press 

Favorite Science Curriculum: Supercharged Science

Favorite Math Program: CTC Math

Favorite Elementary Resource: Logic of English

Favorite High School Resource: Roman Roads  Media

Favorite College or College-Prep Resource: Fortuigence

Favorite Mom/Teen Resource: Apologia: Flourish

Best Resource I Didn’t Know I Needed: My Student Logbook

 All Around Crew Favorite: Veritas Press

To see all of the categories and their winners click on the banner below!  

2014 Blue Ribbon Awards