A Sense of Humor ~ Day 5 Home School Essentials

I find it essential to laugh and have fun.  I need to find the joy in life.  Home schooling is hard work.  It’s demanding. A sense of humor helps to relieve the stress and tension.  Being able to find things to laugh about helps to create fond memories.  When my girls are all grown and have left home I want them to remember the laughter and the jokes and the funny things we did.  I don’t want them to remember the tears and the struggles and the wars.


I don’t mean that we need to always entertain our children or to always make school fun.  I mean having a good sense of humor that enables you to find the funny and laugh in those situations where you might be tempted to cry. 
Situations like the eggs falling on the floor and breaking before you use them in the science experiment or perhaps the time when the doorbell rings and it’s the one day in months that you’ve got dirty laundry in piles in the hallway and those piles are visible from the front door.  It is funny when you think of it.  At least I laughed.  I closed the door and turned around and there were the laundry piles spilling out from the laundry room.  Whoever designed this should should have realized that either a) the laundry room needed to be larger or b) the laundry room shouldn’t be right next to the front entryway!

A sense of humor is essential because the days can be long and the work is hard. A sense of humor cements wonderful memory making moments together so that we can look back fondly and smile and not remember so much about the difficulties. I am glad that I can laugh with my children.  I treasure those moments when our sides hurt from laughing and tears ran down our faces because mom mispronounced a word when reading aloud. Having a sense of humor helps to find the joy in the moment.

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials


  1. I picked humor for my Day 3! Great minds think alike. :-) It is so important to smile and laugh in homeschool and in life. :-)

  2. I agree. Being able to laugh at messes instead of anger makes such a difference.


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