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Building a solid Foundation with Logic of English {Crew Review}

  The Crew has reviewed Logic of English in the past but I've always hesitated about requesting to review Foundations Level A .  It isn't that I didn't think it would be amazing.  It's me.  It's my daughter.  She has skills all over the place and I wasn't sure that starting at the beginning of yet another homeschool reading curriculum would be in our best interest. I knew she wasn't really ready for Level B and since she hadn't used Foundations Level A , Foundations Level B wasn't really an option. So why did I change my mind? Why did I decide that I did want to give this program a try even though it would mean starting at the beginning when she is already reading CVC and CCVC words?  Why would would I want to start at the beginning when she already knows all the short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds and some phonograms like th, sh, ck, and ch? Because Foundations Level A is different. I know that my daughter has asynchronous skills. I

Five Random Things on Friday ~ March 25th Edition

I feel like I abandoned the Random Five on Friday.  I miss it.  So here are 5 things on this Friday.  Five on Friday is a name I've seen around so I might change from Random 5 to Five on Friday.  Maybe I'll even hunt for a link up! 1.  Supergirl has been busy working on some foundational skills in phonemic awareness and handwriting with Foundations A from Logic of English. She's also learning on the sounds of phonograms. So when we learned the sounds of the letter a, we learned all three.  Instead of waiting to learn the soft sound of "G" we're learning it at the same that we learn the hard sound /g/ for gate and /j/ for giraffee. I'll be posting a review next week. 2.  Tailorbear just celebrated her 17th birthday.  Unfortunately, she's been sick and spent her birthday morning at urgent care getting treatment for a severve ear infection.  She's quite sick of being sick and today is doing much better.  She got a digital drawing tablet that wo

Making Math Fun with Math-U-See {Review}

I started using Demme Learning's Math-U-See in April of 2005. No that is not a typo. I switched to Math-U-See because BooBear really struggled with math. We've been using Math-U-See in some way ever since.  When I found out that the Schoolhouse Review Crew was given the opportunity to review the brand new Digital Packs , I knew I was going to want to write a review! Since Tailorbear is using Geometry , I chose that for her. Supergirl has been using the Beta Level Digital Pack. Let me start by giving a brief explanation of how Math-U-See works. This home school math curriculum is not grade level based but rather is organized by skill level. It uses a mastery rather than spiral based approach to learning. Students master one concept and then move to the next concept. The goal of Math-U-See is to "help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math." They believe that the study of math shouldn't just include memorizing math facts b

Lovely Lazy Mornings

I'm a morning person.  Not an early morning, up before dawn, type of morning person but a woman who likes to get up and get going. Mentally I function better in the morning. I have more motivation and I accomplish more between 7am and NOON than any other 5 hour period of the day. But every now and again, I enjoy a lazy morning. Rather than fight with my family to get them to function on my circadian rhythm I just lay around in bed. But, wait, I don't lay around in bed tossing and turning.  I have my Kindle.  Just like with my Late Night Reading , I sometimes have Lazy Morning Play on Kindle. Since the Kindle Fire I have is like a tablet, I can do things like check the Schoolhouse Review Crew forum, or my personal and blog emails.  I can scroll through my facebook feed. I've been known to play Minion Rush and The Secret Society (a hidden object mystery game). Sometimes though, on some lazy mornings, I spend time chatting with my husband.  We lay there still snugg