The Word: Jesus

I'm rather talkative tonight, but this is on my heart right now. Honeybear and I have been doing a bit of researching and studying. We're been asking ourselves "what do we believe? and why do we believe it?". I know that my husband has been reading through different creeds and confession such as the Augsburg Confession and the 1689 London Baptist Confession. Honeybear's even been reading through Early Church History and some online articles by some early church fathers.

This morning the girls and I were doing chores and we were listening to "Victory Chant" from our WOW cd. I cried. I heard "Jesus is my Lord, I will obey Your Word. I want to see Your Kingdom come. Not my will but yours be done". It was as though I heard in my heart (or soul)... I will obey *you* because though we refer to the Bible as the Word of God.. Jesus *is* the Word of God. He is the *logos* made flesh. To obey God's Word is to Obey Jesus. I do long for that communion with Him. I believe that He is reigning now but I know that heaven is also His Kingdom and I long for that time in heaven when I will be in perfect communion with Him.... forever. Oh I am not yet ready to leave this world, my girls still need me; my honeybear still needs me, but I look forward to His Kingdom in a way that I don't remember ever doing before. I love the line "Not my will but yours be done".. I am reminded of the passage in John where Jesus prayed in the garden before His arrest. And I am reminded of how we are called to pick up our cross and deny ourselves and follow Him. To deny myself, means to give up and surrender my will. I must surrender to Him all that I am in order to obey Him. The more I surrender of myself, the more I can be filled with Him and be conformed to His image.

23 If any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow me.24 For whosever will save his life shall lost it; but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. Luke 9:23-24

Summer Meal Planning and moving toward Fall

We didn't follow a true rotating menu plan over the summer but we did tend to have some of the same types of summer meals, just not a set rotation. We based the "when" of the meal on a few factors such as "too hot too cook", "too hot to even grill", "daddy not home early enough to grill".

One of the things we did seem to have fairly regularly as a side dish was "baked potato" salad. Honeybear does not care for more traditional potato salads but this one was a big hit with the whole family.

here is an idea of how I put it together. I don't really measure, I tend to eyeball and then taste and adjust. Please adjust according to your taste and needs.

5-6 medium potatoes cooked, peeled and chunked. I did try baking but found that boiled were easier to work with.
Bacon bits or cooked crumbled bacon
about 1 1/2 cups (give or take) shredded cheddar cheese
Dried Chives to taste (buy in bulk spice section if available to save money)
salt and pepper to taste

For the dressing, I mixed equal parts of sour cream with mayonnaise and added a bit of garlic powder. I really did just guess about the amounts but I did keep it fairly "equal"

Mix it all together and refrigerate for an hour or so. If it seems to "dry" after refrigerating you can mix in a little milk to moisten it. I tend to make it a little creamier so that it isn't so dry after being refrigerated. You can garnish with additional bacon bits or chives when you serve it.

Today I pulled out the rotating menu plan. I looked for the week that had "lasagna hot dish" and then looked for Wednesday (today). Wednesday on my Rotating Menu Plan is soup. I decided that though fall is now official, it was too hot for soup. hence my falling back on my summer stand by of baked pototo salad. Tomorrow's a birthday here and keeping with tradition the birthday girl gets to pick her dinner.

I'm looking forward to getting back to my rotating menu and it was quite to nice to have that chart laid out and ready to grab for choices for dinner.

Things Children Say

Today was a "wacky" day. I'd been feeling "run down" and needed a nap. I slept longer than I anticipated but I think I needed it.

But after I got up, the children went out to play. Mantha doesn't have the strength or coordination to ride a bike (even with training wheels) or a trike (though we do work on those skills) so she usually "rides" her "car" (little Tykes Fred Flintstone style car where you use your feet to make it go).

Apparently she had a "collusion" and needed a "mechanist" to fix her car. She did mean to say collision and she was looking for the word "mechanic".


Thankful Tuesday

We just got home a little bit ago from having dinner with friends. We always have a great time when we get together with the P family. It was a joy to see Daddy P playing with his children and for both families to just enjoy spending time together. I'm so grateful for my friends and not just the P family but all the wonderful special relationships that bless and enrich my life. I hope that I am as much a blessing to you as you are to me.

I'm thankful today also for Honeybear. He sent me a sweet email today and a text message. Sometimes I just need to "hear" "just checking up on you. how's your day? I love you."

What's on your thankful list this week?


Mind Games

Today's Musings could really be posted under Frugal Friday as it has to do with grocery store savings but I decided it would work for today's pondering.

On Saturday Honeybear and I went to several different grocery stores to take advantage of store sales and coupons I'd printed. Two of the three stores print your "savings" on the receipt. Something like "You saved 60% because you used your club membership" and it breaks down how much you had in "membership" savings, "store coupons" and "manufacture coupons".

On the way home from the last store, Honeybear said "man, those mind games are starting to get to me". You see the last store, the store we spent the most money at, didn't print a nice "you saved gazillions of dollars by shopping here" tag on the receipt. Yes it did total our in store coupons and our manufacture coupons but it lacked that big number that tells you just how much you save by shopping at their store.

Honeybear was feeling himself getting sucked into the mind set that he really was saving 60%. Oh intellectually he knew and I knew and I knew he knew that we were not really saving that much money because we would *never* pay those store prices anyway. We only bought the stuff because it was on sale and I had a coupon and that made it cheaper than store C.

Store C is consistently cheaper than stores A or B when it comes to "regular prices" and often their "everyday low price" is cheaper than Store A or B's sale price. Store C doesn't have to play mind games to make you feel better about shopping at their store.

But yet, there is something about seeing "you saved 60%" on your order today that makes you feel good even though you didn't really save 60% because you would not have paid those kinds of prices. I know I saved more money than my cash register receipt says at Store C because many of the items were on sale to begin with and I could play my own mind game with myself by telling myself how much I saved by shopping at Store C instead of A or B for those items but since I *will* pay those prices at Store C and I will *not* pay those prices at A or B is it really a savings? In any case, that particular mind game did make honeybear feel better when I pointed out how much MORE I would have spent had I purchased those items at store A or store B.

I'm sure there's a deeper lesson that we can learn here about how we are manipulated by data to stir emotions and sway opinions to their point of view, but I'm about to serve dinner so I'll let it rest.


Today's Thankful List

I don't remember if I was going to do Thankful Thursday or Together Thursday so this will be Thankful Thursday.

First I am thankful for my husband. I am most thankful today for his love. He loves me. I can be so irritating but he still loves me. He can make me feel so treasured and special. Sometimes he calls me during the day just to check and see how my day is going. I am thankful that he thinks of me and that he loves me.

Second, I am thankful for my teenage daughter. I am especially thankful today because she cooks. More and more lately she has been cooking. She knows my pantry better than I do! Today she said, "mom, I'll put dinner together" and tonight, instead of me asking for children to get this or that, I got this or that for her while she put dinner together.

Third and perhaps a little silly, I am thankful for my Cue Cat bar code scanner. I got it free with my Readerware software and Honeybear modified it so that I can use it with any program. It allows me to scan the bar codes for ISBN numbers on our books. This saves me time. Rather than typing all the information such as title, author and publisher, I scan the bar code into Tracker and the ISBN look up feature connects to Amazon.com and downloads the information. This evening while BooBear made dinner, I inputted library books into our reading log (a part of Homeschool Tracker, the software I use for our school record keeping). So I'm thankful for this time saving device that happens to be fun to use too!

What are you thankful for today?



I've decided that I really like the idea of themes for days of the week. Still working on deciding what themes and of course I reserve the right, since it *is* my blog, to post whatever topic I want on whatever day :).

So far I'm thinking something like this:
Monday Musings--- I hope this is vague enough that it can include deeper thoughts and more light hearted topics

Wacky Wednesday--- my children are always saying or doing funny cute things and I always mean to record them and I just might try to pick a few every week. Or it might wacky things in the news or me just in a wacky mood and no this is NOT original at all.. I don't remember *whose* blog I saw this idea on but I saw it on somebody else's blog. The particular Wednesday I looked at that blog, the blogger had posted a picture of her child making a funny face. I fell in love with the idea.

Frugal Friday---- I'm just tossing this idea around and again it's not original at all. I learned about it here on my friend's blog. She posted this link to the blog that has the Frugal Fridays. I don't anticipating participating in the Frugal Friday of that blog but rather have my own: "This is what I am doing to be a better steward with the blessings God gave us."

I'm leaning towards a Thankful Tuesday and a "Together Thursday"... together as in "getting it together and getting organized" posts about my binder projects or how we have school organized or whatever project I am working on.

I'm on a roll and thinking Sonlight Saturday. Sonlight curriculum is a big part of our school so I'd name the theme after Sonlight but it would be theme for school related topics. I just like Sonlight Saturday better than School Saturday.

I may abandon the idea altogether or I might change the themes but for now I'm going to try this and see how it works for me.


I haven't really fallen off the face of the earth...

I know this is a MUCH overdue update and I decided that today 09/09/09 would be the day to write *something*!

I spent the summer doing organizing projects, the biggest of which included setting up lesson plans in my favorite software program: Homeschool Tracker.

I'll have to post some pictures of my book labeling project. We use Sonlight curriculum for history and literature and this year I am using 4 levels. In order to keep my sanity, I felt the need to be *extremely* organized. I have each level of Sonlight (Cores K, 3, ALT 7 and 100) labeled, arranged and shelved. I have a "working school binder" set up so that I can grab ONE binder that moves around the house with me as I coach, instruct and mentor the girls.

I've also started "couponing" this summer. More so in the last couple of weeks. Even BooBear has enjoyed printing out coupons and looking through the ads to get the best deal. Not the healthiest of food but now that school has started we've been eating cereal for breakfast to make things easier in the morning. I was *thrilled* to get several boxes of Cheerios for only a $1 a box.

I think now that we are back with a routine and some structure, I might actually have more time to blog.