H is for Holidays

Yes, I know I am really behind on my blogging through the alphabet.  I started a post but didn’t finish it E is for Evergreen and F is for fall.  It won’t be linked up but I do intend to polish it and get it posted.  I don’t even have a topic for G but I’m sure I’ll think of something and again, It won’t be linked up but I am really striving to do a post or a combination post for every letter of the alphabet this time!

This is the last day for linking up the letter H.  I was thinking of doing H is for health but I didn’t want to write a whining post about my health problems and I didn’t want to do the whole don’t take health for granted so I dumped that idea.  I moved on to H is for Hope.   I thought ‘oh I’ll do a post about how Christ is my hope!  I’ll find some bible verses and I’ll post on Sunday.’  It’s a good idea but I still have the doxology going through my mind and it’s lingering on the line “Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we have hoped in Thee.”   But last night I went to a class at church: Church History.  It was a brief overview of the timeline of church history beginning at Pentecost.  I thought that would make a great post.  I could use my blog to write a narration.

So as I sat with my coffee and pondered what to say about Church history in general and how to fit 2,000 years of church history (that I’ve barely begun to understand) into one blog post, I remembered that this is the end of October.  The “Holidays” are right around the corner.  After 3 paragraphs of blabbering about potential H topics, I’ve hit on one that I can actually write about!

First let me do a plug for a blog hop that will be happening the first FULL week of November:  Five Days Of Holidays.   This is hosted by The Schoolhouse Review Crew.  Each day has a specific topic and a link up.  You do not have to be a member of the crew to participate.  You do not have to participate each day.   Here’s the topics:


The holidays are on my mind because I’m thinking of the blog hop and because I finally realized it was the end of October and I needed to pull out my fall decorations.  I don’t really think of Halloween as a holiday and my decorations are more harvest/fall/thanksgiving type decorations but I usually pull them out a few days before Halloween and leave them up through at least the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I’m hoping to talk more about decorating as part of the 5 Days of Preparing for the Holidays.

For us the “holidays” include Thanksgiving, St. Nicholas Day, The Feast of the Nativity, the New Year which for us is a combination of the secular new year and St. Basil’s Day, and ends with Theophany on Jan 6th.  So feel free to wish me Happy Holidays, I won’t be offended. 

I think I am still in denial that the holidays are right around the corner.  I better get myself organized so that I can enjoy them.

Marcy over at Ben and Me hosts Blogging Through the Alphabet.  This post is part of the Letter H.  Click on the button to learn more, visit a few links or join up!

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