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Books, Books and more Books to Read!

There is a reading list floating around Facebook that purports to be connected to the BBC. The idea is that you copy and paste the book list to your notes and then bold the ones you have read and use italics for the ones you started but never finished. I decided I wanted to do more with the list so I’m making a it a blog post instead of an FB note. Some of these are collections .  I don’t think a person should be forced to read a collection to get credit for reading “a book.”  No, those are multiple books. For collections that I have read or started to read some but not all of the books, I am going to list out the individual titles. Except Shakespeare. That’s too many! Also for me I think I’ll use pretty purple font to denote those books that I want to read or have started but intend to finish.  So purple is “I want to read,” and purple and italicized is “I started reading and someday I intend to finish.”  Regular boring italicized is started and never finished. I’m not sure if I hav

Random 5 on Friday ~ January 23nd Edition

I don’t know if Miranda will have a link up this week or not but I really like doing these little random 5 things so I’m going to try to keep doing them even without a link up! And as seems to be so often the case, I start this on Friday and finish it on Saturday. 1.  Have I mentioned Build a Menu?  Several crew runs ago I reviewed eMeals. I liked it well enough to purchase a 6 month subscription!  Well, I needed meal planning help again, but eMeals just wasn’t going to work.  I needed more flexibility.  So I found an awesome coupon code and got a one year subscription to Build A Menu.  I might just have to blog about it! 2.  Thanks to Build a Menu I have discovered that I really like cottage cheese with strawberries. I’m not a fan of cottage cheese unless it’s in something like lasagna but wow a dish of cottage cheese with some sliced strawberries is really refreshing. 3.  I’ve been craving biscuits and gravy.  I found a biscuits and sausage gravy “side dish” in the “breakfast” ca

Random 5 on Friday ~ January 16th Edition

So here we are half way through the first month of 2015! 1.  The review Crew is back in full swing! I just got my first product to review, an audio drama adventure based on G.A.Henty’s In Freedom’s Cause . The Crew reviewed Under Drake’s Flag last year but I wasn’t assigned to that one. I am excited to listen to this production of In Freedom’s Cau se.  Look for my review in late February! 2.  I’m participating in 34 Weeks of Clean hosted by my friend Michele at Family, Faith and Fridays. Our first assignment was to clean up and organize Christmas Decorations. I never did get around to posting about decorating for the holidays but I did post Christmas Decorating {But in Reverse!} .  I think Boobear did a great job organizing our Christmas stuff.  This week I’ve been working on the pantry. 3. I finished reading The Man who Was Thursday: A Nightmare .  I actually finished it nearly two weeks ago but just didn’t get around to marking it complete until today. It was good. I really

Christmas Decorating! {But in Reverse!}

I do not decorate for every season, nor do I decorate for every holiday. I decorate for fall/Thanksgiving and am starting to do more decorating for Pascha (Easter) but Christmas?  Well, I love decorating for Christmas. Many, many years ago I gave away all of our Christmas decorating stuff because we were in our “Christmas is Pagan and we don’t celebrate it phrase” (You can read a bit about our journey back to celebrating by reading my Christmas: It’s Not a Birthday Party blog post from last year.) I’ve been re-building our Christmas collection over the years. I still haven’t convinced my husband that we need outdoor decorations but that’s ok.  He lets me have at it with the inside of the house!  This year we did not do as much decorating as I have in the past.   But this post isn’t about putting up decorations.  It’s about taking them down.  When to take them down and what to do with them between now and next Christmas. When I was growing up we always kept the Christmas tree up unt

Random 5 on Friday ~ The first edition of 2015!

So here we are in 2015!  I never did a final Random 5 so some of these not-always-so-random thoughts are from longer ago than just this week. 1.  My husband and I got to go see the Nutcracker. The Pacific Northwest Ballet production with choreography by Kent Stowell, and costumes and set by Maurice Sendak.  This production has been running for 31 years. Well at Christmas time, not all the time.  This year though was the last and we were there for the final performance of the final year. Thank you, B, for the tickets.  We had a lovely time.  I snapped this picture while we waiting for traffic to clear from the parking garage.  Seattle is a beautiful city. 2.  We were blessed with tickets to the Zoolights display this year.  John took the girls. With lots of plans for the holidays I needed to be careful of my spoons. So I didn’t go. 3. Speaking of spoons, did I mention I have fibromyalgia? No? It ended up on my list of “current health issues” just before Thanksgiving. I have good day

Good-Bye 2014! Hello 2015!

A new year means a new beginning.  Or rather that’s how I like to think of it.  A new year is the chance to start over. But it’s also bittersweet for me. I don’t like endings. I don’t like change, really and I don’t like the reminders that time moves so swiftly and our lives are but a blink in the cosmic realm of eternity. I’m still pondering what my goals and dreams are for 2015.  I haven’t chosen a focus word. I don’t know that I will.  Mostly I’m still reeling from the unexpected diagnosis that my husband received: Type 2 Diabetes.  Here’s to a healthier 2015!